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Geometry Definition Review

Points that lie in the same plane
90 < A < 180
Rules that are accepted without proof
Conditional statement formed by switching the hypothesis and the conclusion
Using known words to describe a new word.
Two different rays that have the same initial point
If and only if
Sum of the measures is 90 degrees
Lines which intersect at 90 degrees
Rules that are accepted without proof
Negate the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement
Extends in one direction
Negate the hypothesis and the conclusion of the converse.
The absolute value of the difference between coordinates
Share a common vertex and a side, but have no common interior points.
Sides form two pairs of opposite rays
The initial point of an angle
Extends in two dimensions
Sum of the measures = 180
Has two parts, a hypothesis and a conclusion
Looking for patterns and making conjectures is part of a process called ______
Has no dimensions
0 < A < 90
The point that divides a segment into two congruent segments.
Angels with non common sides forming opposite rays
Points that lie on the same line