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Rules Spelling List 3

After stopping for ice cream mom said we had to _______ on our way.
I was _____ I got an A on my test.
My sister has blue eyes and long curly hair, she is _______.
My mom told me to put my clothes away in the ______.
______ the show.
The trout was light & crisp, _____cooked.
The quarter back threw the football to the ____.
That was an _____ date.
I ______I had homework but I was wrong.
My mom told me not to be _____ about my test.
The Librarian told us to _______.
My Nanny is a lawyer with a lot of _______.
I think I might ____at the food bank.
Check _____the table for your book.
The doctor liked to ____ his notes in the charts.
The artist did a really good _______ .
That line is very _____.
I knew it wasn't my fault but the ____ was still with me.
I was missing one of my puzzle _____.
I was ____in my search for the answer.