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Alexander Graham Bell (September Reading Response)

Aleck's other invention [(I believe) Hint: Fancy word for...]
Excised in 1915.
(Off Topic & Completely Optional) "Looks like you've used up all your hints, do you want to buy more?"
The city where he showed off his new invention. (Hint: Pennsylvania)
(Extra Credit?) The names of Aleck and Mabel's children [(Grew Up and died as infants.)Hint: E, D, ED, R]
A thing used to prevent people plagiarizing your invention. (Aleck used this when he made the phone back then.)
The first prototype of the telephone.
Modern phones
Those who can not hear.
The month and day Aleck was born on.
The summer home they lived in.
1914-1918 (No hint. Sorry... \_('3')_/)
Aleck's wife's first name.
Melville used this to show deaf people on how to position their throat, tongue, and lips.
The year Aleck's friend has been shot and killed. (Hint: 18--)
Aleck's final year alive. (Hint: 08/02/yy)
The country Aleck was born in.