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Beekeeping Equipment

Bee Smart beekeeping project
It's often a good idea to wear these to tuck pant legs into.
2 words- The bottom most part of the hive stack which is usually solid but sometimes screened instead.
Some beekeepers wear these to protect their hands.
2 words-a box usually added to the top of a hive stack over the bees "living" area.
2 words-an item often placed in front of where bees come and go into the hive to control how large the opening is.
2 words-Type of ventilated hat worn.
Very helpful item in getting smoke started
2 words-The part of the hive that sits on top and keeps the weather out.
2 words-A flat item often used to prevent the queen from laying eggs in the honey area.
2 words-A box used in a hive stack normally containing the area where the eggs are laid and cared for.
Rectangular shaped items that fit inside of a hive.
Used to puff into the hive and keep bees docile.
A material often used to burn or to use as a cloth cover over a hive.
2 words-used to capture and separate queen bees from a hive.
Often made of wax or plastic and is used to get bees started drawing out wax combs in a hive.
2 words-the board often used at the top of a hive stack to cap off the top box.
2 words-Used to separate boxes and frames
A protective item of clothing to protect the upper body.
Often worn over or connected to a hat to protect the face.
A special shape end of a tool used to remove frames.