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French and Indian War/Pontiac's Rebellion

Teacher: Scarborough
The British commander who called for the use of smallpox as a weapon 151
The two countries who fought each other in the F and I War notes/lecture
Deadly disease that killed thousands of Native Americans 151
The reason for the French and Indian War lecture/notes
Frenchman who attacked the British trading village, Pickawillany 147
France's ally during the F and I War; received a lot of territory when the Treaty of Paris was finalized 150
The specific territory of land that the British and French were fighting for 147
Secretary of State for Britain; began sending new generals to America to help win the war 149
Turning point of the F and I War 150
Dominate eastern tribal confederacy; allied with the British during the war 147
The contract created by countries after they have been at war. 150
Guide during the F and I War who tried to warn British Generals about ambush fighting notes/lecture
Started by the British, but taken and finished by the French 148
Benjamin Franklin's plan for uniting the colonies to fight the F and I War 149
General killed at the ambush of Mononghala River 149/notes
Built by Washington when he realized that Fort Duquesne had fallen to the French 148
The joining of groups of people for mutual benefit, often during times of war 147
What the F and I War is called in England 148
Most hunted animal for use in the fur trade 147
The natural barrier that helped fortify the city of Quebec 150
The British colony that had land claims in the Ohio River Valley 147
Enemies of the Iroquois; allied with the French 147
Ottowa Chief who helped organize a rebellion against the British after the F and I War 151
Another word for winning
British general given credit for the victory at Quebec 150