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Division 3 (09/29/2017)

Large blue bag containing water
Large metal storage container
"Any ___________ or intoxication witnessed by Law Enforcement will result in immediate expulsion from the shelter."
Maintain _________ awareness
Taken at 0100
County in which Div. 3 is located
Brand of restroom trailer in front of shelter structure
Number of steps up Aztec bathroom trailer
Yes ____ No?
See a snake? Radio _______Response Team.
Officers providing security
Lady who washes your clothes
Dining area
Wash hands often with ______ and warm water.
____________ Med Tent
Company providing ambulance service
Shortened version of Division Supervisor
Head of Operations
Emergency Tracking Network
Where does Bobbie Ann live?
Goal is meeting guests' needs not necessarily guests' __________.
Cause to absorb water
Individual staying in shelter
Document produced each evening outlining the plan for tomorrow.
Automated External Defibrillator
___ Yo Ma