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Science Chapter 1 Vocabulary; Seth

A seed plant that produces flowers.
Any living thing that can carry out its life activities on its own.
Said of animals, such as reptiles, that cannot automatically keep their body temperatures steady.
An internal supporting structure of bone.
A group of similar organisms in a genus that can reproduce more of their own kind.
The production of a new organism from one parent.
A body tissue that is not as hard as bone or as soft as flesh, such as the tip of the nose or the flaps of the ears.
Any animal that sometime in its life has a nerve cord running down its back.
One of the largest groups used to classify living things.
The spreading out of seeds in all directions.
Containing no plant tissue through which water and food move.
A hard outer body covering that protects an invertebrate.
Animals such as bees and butterflies that fertilize plants by moving pollen from one flower to another.
An animal of the phylum Chordata that has a backbone and two sets of paired appendages.
The production of a new organism from two parents.
Said of animals, such as birds or mammals, that can automatically keep their blood temperatures constant and warm.
An organ in female mammals that makes milk for feeding their young.
A main group within a kingdom, whose members share a main characteristic.
A seed plant that does not produce flowers.
An animal that does not have a backbone.
Containing plant tissue through which water moves up and food moves down.
A living thing so small that it can only be seen with a microscope.
Any vertebrate with four legs or limbs.