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I'm a good tree!

Spiritual teaching must always be done through these (SH 575:13)
She is a tree of life (Prov 3:13-18)
The "tree of life" stands for this (SH 526:15-22)
Need a recipe? Find all the good ones here (SH 406:1)
Blessed are you if you do this in the Lord, for you shall be like a tree planted by the waters! (Jer 17:7, 8)
The tree of knowledge of good and evil
The "tree of knowledge" stands for this (SH 526:15-22)
One symbolizes unreality, this one symbolizes reality or being (SH 538:13-15)
Either evil or good, depending on whether the tree is good or corrupt (Matt 7:18)
"The tree is typical of man's divine ___" (SH 406: 1-6)
You'll see these kinds of fruits if you rely on the "eternal and real evidence, bearing Truth's signet" (SH 494:25)
Hear the Spirit, and do this to eat from the tree of life (Rev 2:7)
You "have right to the tree of life" if you obey these (Rev 22:14)
The tree of life makes a final appearance in this apocalyptic book of the Bible
Your leaves won't do this if you delight in God's law (Ps 1:3)
I'm this kind of tree in the house of God (Ps 52:8)
How many trees grew in the center of the garden of Eden (Gen 2:8)
"and the leaves of the tree were for the ___ of the nations" (Rev 22:2)
Sin, sickness, and death are the ___ from the tree of "knowledge gained from material sense" (SH 299:18)