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Poem Crossword

'After Apple Picking' is at what time of year?
The tone of 'After Apple Picking' is regretful, dreamy, tranquil, and ______
What word is repeated in "since feeling is first"?
“for life’s not a paragraph/ And death i think is so parenthesis” is an example of a
What is the point-of-view of "since feeling is first"
What season is it in "since feeling is first"
'After Apple Picking' is in the ________ point-of-view
'After Apple Picking' setting is in an apple orchard or a _______
Author of "since feeling is first"
“My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree” is an example of
What is the form of "since feeling is first"
Theme of "since feeling is first" is to live by ______ rather than logic