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Chemical Reactions and Organelles

“little organs”
Endergonic reactions are .... to exergonic ones
... are found on the surface of the rough ER
the breakdown of larger molecules into smaller ones; an oxidative process that releases energy
Loss of electrons
reactions proceed from a state of low energy to high energy
State in which forward and reverse reactions occur at the same rate
The cell is surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer also known as the ...
Gain of electrons
digestive enzymes
The inside of the cell is supported by a network of long, thin protein filaments known as the..
Package finished material for shipment to final destinations.
One molecule gives up electrons (is oxidized) and another gains them (is reduced)
reactions proceed from a state of high energy to low energy
Membranous sacs that move through the cytoplasm
the synthesis of larger molecules from smaller ones; a reductive process that requires energy
Used for protein synthesis
Most prokaryotic species have how many supercoiled circular chromosomes?
Membrane surrounding the nucleus
The sum of all of the chemical reactions occurring in the cell