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Jones Constitution & Criminal Law

A series of questions asked of the defendant by the judge in open court to ensure that the defendant is aware of the rights he or she is waiving by pleading guilty
Prosecution's obligation to introduce enough evidence to overcome the presumption that the defendant is innocent
Collateral pledge before trial, usually by a suspect's family or friends, to secure the suspect's release and ensure his or her attendance at trial
The applied science using facts to identify, locate, and prove the guilt of an accused criminal
An attorney who speaks with enthusiasm on behalf of a client
A process of negotiation between the prosecutor and the defendant to avoid trial; the defendant pleads guilty to certain charges in exchange for concessions from the government
An application to the court to order a public official to perform a duty imposed by law
A witness, usually with particular expertise, who can testify about his or her opinion on an ultimate issue at trial on the basis of his or her knowledge, training, and experience.
An order from the U.S. Supreme Court ordering a lower court to forward the case record
The detailing of a a suspects personal information entered into a police log