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Overview of World War II

Known as the ______ war, this happened after Germany invaded Poland.
Capitol of Germany.
Where the war started; was first country that Hitler-led Germany invaded.
One of the nations on the allied side; didn't enter war until 1941.
City that was bombed by the United States in 1945.
Going by the codename Operation ________, Hitler invaded Russia.
The USSR; was on the allied side; first to invade Berlin.
The largest sustained bombing event to date better known as The _____.
County that started the war; led by Hitler; part of the Axis Powers.
Country the bombed Pearl Harbor.
The United States, Britain and Russia were all considered ________ during WWII.
Was a group of nations that comprised of Italy, Germany & Japan.
Was one of the early victories for Germany, and the country that was invaded on D-Day.
National Socialist German Workers' Party that was led by Adolf Hitler.
______ was bombed by Japan on December, 1941.
In 1942, the Nazis' mission was to exterminate this group of people.
City that the allies invaded on June 6th, 1944.
Was the chancellor of Germany, and helped form the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazis.
Known as the day the Allies launched Operation Overlord on Normandy, France.