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Literary Vocabulary Flesh and Blood So Cheap

Facts and information
I, me, my, mine;narrator is a character in the story
He, she, it, we, they, them; narrator is not a character in the story
Descriptions of historical features used to reveal an author's perspective on events
First hand accounts by people who witnessed or took part in the event
The combination of ideas, feelings, values, and beliefs that influence the way the author presents information
The writer presents information in a straightforward unbiased way
Even though; in spite of
To act upon each other
Presenting events in the order they occurred; often used in historical writing
A mistake
Most important thoughts in a text; also known as main idea; what all the sentences tell about
Not enough or sufficient to fulfill a need or meet a requirement
To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying how they relate to each other
How a writer chooses to narrate a story
The writer includes personal opinions, feelings, and beliefs
To show differences between two or more things that are being compared
A kind, category, or sort