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The Prophet Zephaniah

Teacher:  Anne Davis
Topic: Searching the Scriptures
Teaching:  The Prophet Zephaniah
To be separated from the Lord
The _____ occupied the land that is now modern day Lebanon.
In order to draw near to God, we must accept his instruction, _____ his voice, and trust in the Lord.
The purpose of the language of judgment is first to unsettle and then to _____.
The biblical narrative is _____ of what is still future.
The Hebrew word meaning "call to account"
God dwells here
Zephaniah refers to the daughter of _____.
Extreme exaggeration
Number of chapters in the Book of Zephaniah
God's judgment against the nations is about the ______ nations surrounding Israel.
Jerusalem is the capital of _____.
This book/scroll was discovered in the temple during the time of reform under King Josiah.
Ashkelon and Ashdod are _____ cities.
Zephaniah lived in _______ before the Babylonian Exile.
____ of the Lord
Zephaniah is a descendant of the great reformer king _____.
They will be the leaders of the Millennial Kingdom.
God's ______ will come first against his own people.
God wants us to ____ in His ways so that we can draw near to Him.