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Intro to Biology

A mass was measured.
Prefix that means to multiply the one by 1000 times.
A change in the environment that causes a response from a living thing.
A well tested explanation for a lot of observations.
A length was measured.
Observation that has numbers.
Reproduction where the next generation gets some of its DNA from two separate parents.
Stays exactly the same from one generation to the next.
Explain the natural world.
Proposed scientific explanation for an observation (no testing done yet).
Prefix that means to divide the whole into 1000 smaller parts.
Major tool used in Biology.
All living things must come from other living things.
Observation without any numbers.
Done by: seeing hearing smelling, touching or tasting.
Largest level of study in Biology
Generation that life comes from non-living things.
Reproduction from a single parent.
Changes food into energy.
Prefix that means to divide the whole into 100 smaller parts.
Every living thing is made of these.
A volume was measured.