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Meet Mr. Wells

Separated from his first wife after this holiday
His idea of Land Ironclads predated this actual weapon vehicle used in WWI
The country where he was born
Wrote books on biology and ___________
Developed this disease around the age of 21 and fought it for over five years.
A new scientific theory being taught while he was in school that he embraced fully.
Went to Russia and spoke with him
Is considered one of the fathers of this book genre
Died when he was almost ________ years old
What he called St. Paul
The name of his first wife
His older sister died of this two years before he was born
Called himself aggressive, derisive, and __________
Had several affairs and some ____________ children
Another word for underfed which is what Wells was frequently in school because he was so poor
Visited here to watch his movie, The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Tutored other students in math and ___________
Wrote this in 1934
Was the teacher to the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, A.A. __________
What his family called him while growing up
Knew this famous scientist
The name he called his second wife, Amy Catherine Robbins.
Was apprenticed to this at the age of 14. He hated it.
Believed in this government-mandated redistribution of wealth
Broke this at age seven when a boy threw him in the air and he landed on a tent peg