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Ocean Commotion

A layer of dead organisms, tiny rocks, and manganese nodules that lays 500 to 1,000 meters thick on top of the oceanic crust.
an underwater structure that supports lots of marine life. It is made of coral.
Organisms that convert sulfur and other chemicals, that come from hydrothermal vents, into energy.
A gradual rise only found in passive margins
underwater mountains that contain a flat top just outside of the water
An area where a continent meets an ocean.
The use of sound to locate objects
continental margin where subduction occurs
The sea floor is made up of this type of topography where it is completely flat.
the steep part of the continental margin
An area of seafloor spreading where folding, faulting ,and volcanic activity happens.
The elevations change, or rise and fall of the earth's surface, above or below the water.
The relatively flat submerged part of a continent that meets the oceanic crust.
where the shelf meets the slope.
A place in the deep ocean where heat from the center of the earth is released into the ocean.
continental margin that has no subduction
a canyon cut into the continental slope
underwater mountains
coral reefs that form around volcanic islands.
The oceanic crust is made mostly of this material.