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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ecology Words

Teacher: Mrs. Schmelzer
The habitat that has a lot of permafrost
Past tense of catch
A dog-like animal that lives in the desert
Make a guess about something that could happen in the future
The atmosphere of a place, describing the temperature and amount of precipitation
Something that is going to happen, _____ happen
Prey of polar bears
One who seeks prey
At risk of becoming extinct
Changes occurring in the structure or habits of plants or animals to help them survive
Plant that has spines and grows in the desert
Reindeer of the tundra
Word meaning "very"
Plant that lives in the ocean
Something that may happen, _____ happen
To keep from harm
To go without food or water
Difficult situation
Difficult situation
When there is not enough water for plants and animals to survie
The habitat in which coytes and cacti live
A desert animal that has a shell on its back
Mostly frozen ground
The ability to live in spite of harsh surroundings
Low-growing bushes
The habitat where the ocean meets the land
Ocean animals with sharp teeth
Bird that lives on the coast
Food for predators