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Ben: Science Chapter 1 Vocabulary Words

The smallest unit of living matter.
A cell in a seedless plant that can grow into a new plant.
The part of a plant that holds the plant up and carries food, water, and other materials to and from the roots and leaves.
A gas found in air and water that most plants and animals need to live.
The process in green plants and certain other organisms that uses energy from sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide.
One of the threadlike cells on a root that takes in water and minerals.
A group of tissues that work together to do a certain job.
The making of offspring.
Pores in the bottom of leaves that open and close to let in air or give off water vapor.
When something begins to grow, as when a seed sprouts into a new plant.
An undeveloped plant with stored food sealed in a protective coating.
The stages of growth and change that an organism goes through.
The using and releasing of energy in a cell.
A group of organs that work together to carry out a life function.
The transfer of a flower's pollen from anther to pistil.
The joining of a female sex cell, the egg, and a male sex cell, the sperm, to produce a fertilized egg.
The release of excess water vapor through the stomata of a plant.
A group of similar cells that work together to carry out a job.
A structure containing egg cells.
A living thing that carries out basic life functions on its own.
The part of a plant that takes in water and minerals.
The largest group into which a kingdom can be classified.
A characteristic of a living thing.