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Pharmacy Law and Related Vocabulary 5th Edition

Stands for protected health information
Government medical insurance program for elderly citizens, citizens with long term disabilities and those with end stage renal disease
A Class 1 ____ is the highest level dealing with products that could cause serious harm
How many years must records be kept (rx, invoices) & DEA inventories performed?
Law that requires patient consultation and drug utilization evaluation (initials only)
Intention misuse of a legend drug or recreational use of a RX drug
Oversees safety in the workplace (initials only)
Agency that enforces controlled substance laws (initials only)
Was sold OTC until the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act required it to be sold BTC. **Know the limits
Healthcare law that deals with confidentiality (initials only)
Labeling of a product that is false or misleading
The medicare modernization act provides for ____ coverage for Medicare patients
Number of refills a CIII-CV can have
The organization that writes the test for pharmacy technician certification(initials only)
Number of refills a CII can have
As known as Obamacare (initials only)
Federal term for prescription drug
Stands for over the counter
A very thorough list of information about a drug
The mishandling of a medication that can lead to contamination is...
Non-controlled legend drug prescription are good for a ___ from the date they are written
An organization that sets the standards of what is taught in a pharmacy technician program (initials only)
This drug act helped get funding for drugs used for rare diseases
Government agency that is responsible for safety and effectiveness of drugs (initials only)
The Drug Listing Act requires all drugs have this number (initials only)
Government program that provides healthcare for low income families & for people with disabilities
This type of warning is required on meds that carry a high risk to the consumer
Required by OBRA where the RPH checks the patient history for drug appropriateness (Initials only)