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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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5th Grade: Chapter 1


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Used to make the wine for the Eucharist
Divine ___ is the way God makes Himself and His plans for us known
Life and ___ of the Human Person is the CST found on pages 348-349
St from Bingen, Germany, the abbess who taught women to read, write, garden, and use herbal medicines.
Holy men and women who did God's work on Earth and are officially recognized by the Church as living in Heaven
Appreciating and using God's gifts of time, talent, and treasure
God's word to the Church, handed down to the generations, safeguarded by the Apostles and the Bishops; the Creeds, Sacraments, and teachings of the Church
___ for God's creation is a form of stewardship, explained as a CST on pages 360-361.
Used to make the Communion Host
The ___ Testament is a collection of stories and letters written to tell and teach about the life of Christ on Earth.
Seven __ are effective ways of God's life, instituted by Christ and given to the Church; visible signs of God's work in our lives
Sacraments are ___ actions that give grace and allow us to share in God's work.
God's loving care for all things; His loving care for all creation
The ___ Testament is the section of the Bible that explains the beginning of God's work on Earth and foretells the coming of the Messiah.
Free ___ is the ability God has given us to think for ourselves and choose between good and evil.
Used in Baptism
Sacred ___ is another name for the Bible; the inspired Word of God written down by humans
God's most magnificent creation; created in God's image and can think and choose.
All things that exist, made by God, to reveal His glory.
Used for anointing in the Sacraments