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Sort 30: Latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
To bring into a country
An example of someones work that can be taken to show others.
To look for valuable resources - or to look forward to something happening in the future.
An impressive event or performance to watch - or a pair of glasses to help you see clearly
Someone who looks for valuable resources (usually buried in the ground)
Looking back
To look at something carefully
From your (or somebody else's) point of view - or how one looks at things
To change something (or someone) to improve it.
Change your behaviour to be accepted by others
How something is arranged or made
To move someone or something
To send out of a country
Bent out if its normal shape
Somebody who looks at things carefully
Something able to be carried and moved easily
Someone who tells you the news or what is happening
Someone who watches an event
To change from one shape (or appearance) to another
It looks amazing!
It has great value of significance
The way something is arranged
To hold something up - or give help to. Or 'to carry from below'.