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Sort 40 - Latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
To make something
Really REALLY embarrassed (making you fell like you want to die!)
Living forever
A medicine that kills micro-organisms
Able to be broken down by natural processes.
To make something again - or grow back something that was lost.
Can survive on land and in the water.
Offspring. Children.
A book about someones life (written by someone else)
The beginning of something - and the first book of the Bible.
All the people born around the same time and of a similar age.
The 'building blocks' of living creatures.
A style of literature, art or music.
It won't live forever.
A loan you take out (usually to buy a house) which has to be paid back even if you die.
A book you write yourself about your life.
The study of tiny organisms.
A habitat e.g. forest, desert, tundra.
A parent (or ancestor) that helped result in your birth.
The study of living organisms.
Someone who looks after dead bodies. An undertaker.