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4th Grade: Chapter 1


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Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Everything that God made; God's glory revealed through His work
The ___ Testament is the first part of the Bible, telling us about God's relationship with the Hebrew people
A journey to a sacred place, where people may feel closer to God
Divine ___: the way God shares the truth about Himself and His plan; how He makes Himself known
Sacred ___: another name for the Bible; the inspired Word of God written by humans
Saint ___ Tekakwitha; the first Native American to be canonized
The ___ Testament is second part of the Bible tht tells of God's love for people after the coming of Jesus and the stories and letters of the early Christians.
"Books" of the Bible that were actually messages sent from early Christian leaders to others
A sacred promise or agreement between God and humans
God looked at everything He had created and saw that it was ___.
God's loving care for all things; His will and plan for all creation
Sacred ___: God's Word to the Church, safeguarded by the Apostles and Bishops, handed down to the generations in the Creeds, Sacraments, & Teachings
Called by God to speak truth to his people; God told him "to whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak."
Talking and listening to God; raising your mind and heart to God to help learn about God's plan for you