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Seth: Vocabulary Lesson 8

(n.) people undergoing medical treatment
(n.) a member of an irregular army
(n.) the act or process of moving upward; rise; climb
(n.) the act of being present; presence
(v.) to show as being similar; compare
(adj.) distinct or seperate
(n.) an example
(n.) something that represents another thing
(n.) a large ape
(n.) a building in which a state legislature meets
(n.) a fungus
(adj.) tactful or prudent, especially when dealing with others
(n.) persons who wait on or escort others; servants
(n.) having the capacity for calm endurance; composure
(n.) the ability to see; (v.) to see
(n.) location
(v.) to agree
(v.) to quote an authority or example
(n.) the building of the United States Congress
(n.) brief moments of time
(n.) a musical instrument(one of a pair of brass plates)
(n.) a town or city that is the seat of the government; (n.) wealth in the form of money or property