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3rd Grade: Chapter 1


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CST means "Catholic ___ Teaching."
We are supposed to ___ for Creation as a pillar of CST (see pages 360 - 361)
On the ___ day, God rested.
God's messages to us through Bible stories and scriptures; Jesus is the "Incarnate ___," or God's message to us in the flesh.
Duty; obligation to do something
Who can make something from nothing?
The Holy ___ is God in Three Divine Persons
Humans can help bring creation back into ___ by doing God's will to take care of it.
Created in God's image, we are His most blessed creatures.
Everything made by God
What did God create?
Your most important responsibility in caring for creation is to the human ___.
What causes God's creation to be out of balance?
The likeness of God that is in all humans because we are created by Him
___ Rabanus Maurus was a holy man who was a German monk and teacher.