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Seth: Vocabulary Lesson 11

(adj.) very angry; incensed
(adj.) having the nature of an illusion; misleading; illusory
(n.) distress; uneasiness; annoyance
(adv.) in a manner meriting respect
(adv.) singly in the designated order
(v.) to pay out
(v.) to frustrate; to disconcert
(adj.) qualified suitable
(v.) to scatter
(n.) an amount beyond sufficient; surplus; (adj.) being more than is usual
(n.) a means of approaching; passage
(n.) a short, amusing story
(adj.) lacking the means for subsistence; poor; impoverished
(v.) to conclude from evidence; to deduce
(v.) to suggest or express indirectly; to hint
(adv.) in a proper, courteous, or respectful manner
(adj.) not able to read; not decipherable
(v.) to draw out; to evoke
(n.) a substance to counteract the effects of poison
(adj.) unlawful
(adj.) difficult to catch; hard to to describe