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Constitution Crossword

Presidential branch of government
The branch of government representing our court system
"We The People of the United States of America, In order to form a more perfect union" Is the beginning of what document?
The preamble states "Insure domestic (____)"
How many articles are there in constitution
The president can serve up to 2 (____) in office.
In the preamble it states "promote the general (____)"
In the Preamble , "secure the blessings of (______)"
To sign or give formal content. "To (____) a constitutional amendment."
You are tried in (_____) if you accused of a crime.
In the preamble it states "Establish (___)." Meaning fair and reasonable treatment
The branch of government that includes the house and senate
There are 7 (___) in the United States.
Big National decisions and
The constitution has 27 (_____). These are changes to its original document.
If you are born in the US you are considered a (____)
We are guaranteed our (____) as citizens or the United States