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John Brown's raid

John Brown _______ pro-slave people in their bed.
John thought people should have equal ______.
John was born into a _____ family.
John risked his _____ to make a say.
One of Johns sons were _____.
The other son he _________ out.
The town the raid took place.
John was ______ slavery
He brought _________ people to the raid
John fought us marines
John _____ the town of harpers ferry
John was_________when doing the raid.
John brown wanted _______ for the slaves.
As a kid john brown practiced _____________.
John was sentenced to death and ______.
Harrpers ferry was a rifle ______.
Harpers ferry also stored ______.
John brown spent ________ getting ready fro the raid
John Brown also was a _______.
John Brown was ______ during the raid