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Lesson 5 Family Bible Study

Opposite of eternal
Non-visible; intangible
In true prophecy, there is no __
God is not willing that anyone ___
Gentile king of Babylon
Was brought to light through the gospel
__should fall when it opposes inspiration
O.C. Jerusalem became the habitation of __
The law became an ministration of __
Opposite of above
The man was ejected from the wedding because he was wearing the wrong __
The Book of Revelation is called the __
The one the law pointed toward
More important than interpretation
The type of prophecy that is not Spiritual
Abraham's son who received the inheritance
The law was not destroyed, but __
Not seen
The power of sin was strengthened by this
The number of Israels in Scripture
O.C. Jerusalem was not free, but a __
The only Jerusalem that is acceptable to God today