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Zeitoun Part One Vocabulary and Characters

respectful or courteous regard
clever and high-spirited eldest daughter
anything that puzzles
bewildered; puzzled
existing or being everywhere
flexible; adaptable
actions that lessen one’s dignity
a pouring out of anything; a simultaneous discharge of anything
prudent, well-considered; cautious, watchful
a gradual reduction in work force; a wearing down or weakening of resistance
having a wave-like or ripple form; wavy
A native of Baton Rouge; converted to Islam
A Lebanese-American, the first friend Zeitoun made in the United States
a prolonged or tedious account
bewildered or confused; mildly confused
devoted to a principle
incapable of being injured or impaired
middle daughter, who is seven years old during Hurricane Katrina
to misunderstand or take something in the wrong sense
alert and wary
a relationship between two people in which each person is dependent upon and receives reinforcement, whether beneficial or detrimental, from the other
successful painting contractor who runs his own business; native of Syria, who remains close with his family and a devout Muslim; hard-working, stubborn, and committed
relief; reprieve
youngest child during the period covered in the book
Kathy's son from her first marriage; he is fifteen