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Science Unit 2 10.5

Suggested solution or prediction to a scientific problem; educated guess; testable idea or explanation that leads to scientific investigation
Result that is the same no matter who produces it or where or when it is produced. Result of good procedures
Error that distorts results in a particular way; something that causes certain outcomes to be favored over others
One repetition of a procedure
Understanding or the methods of scientific inquiry, the scope of scientific knowledge and the role of science in society
Recorded observations and measurements; info gathered by observation or experimentation that can be used in calculating or reasoning
Factor being tested in an experiment, an event, condition or factor that can be changed or controlled in order to study or test a hypothesis in a scientific experiment
Standard used for comparison in an experiment; experiment run exactly the same way as the as the experiment with the variable, but the variable is left out...
Quality f being real or actual
Factor in an experiment that does not change
Observations, measurement and other types of data that people gather and test to support and evaluate scientific explanations
Habit of mind in which a person questions the validity of accepted ideas
Procedure that is carried out in order to observe a response caused by a stimulus; not a complete experiment
Conclusion based on an observation
To separate into parts in order to determine what something is or how it works; to examine in detail