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Chemistry Crossword

Use the definitions to fill in the crossword puzzle
weighted average number of the element’s protons and neutrons
A mixture of metals
the number of protons and electrons an element has
a combination of elements the form a new substance
Represents how many atoms an element or compound has
vertical groups by column
The number in front of an element or compound that tells how many atoms an element has
Matter cannot be created or destroyed only transferred
Substances that are being dissolved into another substance
The building blocks of matter
Anything made up of mass and volume
horizontal rows that extend from left to right
Substances produced by a chemical reaction that appear to the right of the arrow
Substance doing the dissolving
letter or letters used to represent an element
Pure substances that are made up of more than one type of element
a change in the appearance that can be separated back into its original substance
Substance being dissolved
Simplest pure substance
Pure substance that appears to the left of the arrow
Different properties throughout
Same properties throughout
When two or more substances are not chemically combined