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Psychological Approaches Key Words

Indirect reinforcement of behaviour from seeing consequences of others' actions
Human behaviour is governed by internal (biological) or external (environmental) over which we have no free will or conscious control
Mental framework of beliefs and expectations that influence cognitive processing and are developed from experience
Belief that human behaviour is best explained by breaking into constituent parts like the computer model in cognitive approach
Chemicals in the brain that influence neural activity and can play a part in mental illness
Stimulus before conditioning
Ideal and actual self-concepts match
Influential psychologist in social learning theory
Freud's reality principle
Characteristics of an individual determined by genes and environment
First systematic experimental attempt to study the mind by breaking up conscious awareness into basic structures of thoughts, images and sensations
Freud's pleasure principle
Cognitive processes that come between stimulus and response and influence learning
Psychologist famous for his research on operant conditioning
The response to a stimulus after conditioning
Copying behaviour of others
Moralistic part of personality
Form of conditioning where behaviour is shaped and maintained by consequences
Behaviourist researcher famous for his work with dogs