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Computer Science

A device that detects or measures a physical property and records
A button that is pushed to operate an electrical device
Something that a robot can use to detect the current ambient light level
Rotates only 180 degrees. 0 and 180 are the end points with 90 degrees being in the middle. It only has one speed
An electronic or electromagnetic sensor
A light controlled variable resistor
The range or slope of something
What is put in
A device that senses pressure into an electric signal
A standard for the short range wireless interconnection of electronic devices
A semiconductor device that emits usable light.
A device that measures in analog quality
Facts and statistics collected together
An instrument for measuring acceleration
Rotates full circles, in either directions, at various speeds
A region around a magnetic material or magnetic moving charge where the force of magnetism acts
Passive resistive device that can be used to detect bending or flexing.
A solid-state device that converts light into electric energy
Something produced
A planed series of future events