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Wk 5 Spelling - Grade 3

Wk #5

It looks like a cat that is black with a white stripe down it’s back. It can be stinky.
I Like to play with this find of person, a___.
Where we can buy fresh, baked goods?
A boy who is a friend is a boyfriend. What is a friend, who is a girl called?
This is the same shape as a worm ... but bigger, and sometimes dangerous.
‘I’m the ___ of the castle ... you’re the dirty rascal’.
Rhymes with save. To give to.
Brothers and sisters have the ___ last name.
How ___ does it cost $?
What would we fly to the moon in?
If there is a mom, a dad, a sister and a brother, there are four ___ in the family.
To do something that is difficult, but good (emotional, not physical).
If we get a lot of groceries, we can put them in this in our car to bring them home.
We can swim in this (a body of water).
Snakes & Ladders is a type of ___ we play with friends.
We do this with our voice, usually to music