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Cell Structures

Cells that lack a membrane-bound nucleus
The rough ER contains enzymes that catalyze reactions involving ________.
The region that prokaryotic chromosomes are found in
Maintain a cell's shape by resisting tension, as well as anchor the cell's nucleus in place.
Fibrous proteins that move and change to alter the cell’s shape, shift its contents, and even move the cell itself make up the cell's dynamic _________.
An organelle that is embedded with ribosomes, whose function is to synthesize proteins to be distributed to other parts regions of the cell.
The golgi apparatus is formed by a series of stacked, flat, membranous sacs called _________.
Cytoskeletal elements that separate chromosomes during cell division and serve as “railroad tracks” for vesicle transport.
large, membrane-bound structures found only in plants and fungi. Mainly used to store water and ions to maintain the cell's volume.
The solution inside the inner membrane of the mitochondria is called the ________.
The _____ side of the golgi apparatus is closest to the nucleus
Theory explaining that chloroplasts and mitochondria may once have been free-living bacteria that were engulfed and a mutually beneficial relationship evolved.
This organelle is a reservoir for calcium ions
Short, hairlike projections on a cell that function in external movement. A type of microtubule
Ribosomes are complex molecular machines that manufacture _________.
A type of microtubule that are long filaments to rotate and propel the cell.
The _______ surface of the golgi apparatus is oriented toward the plasma membrane
Double-membrane organelle that supplies the cell with ATP
The endoplasmic reticulum is an organelle that is an extension of what structure?
Intermediate filaments that give the nucleus its shape.
Organelle with three membranes that contain their own DNA and manufacture their own ribosomes. Photosynthesis occurs here.
The largest cytoskeletal elements
Cells that have a membrane-bound nucleus
Name for the small, circular DNA molecules found in prokaryotes
recycling centers found only in animal cells.
The cell's center for information storage and processing