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Family Bible Study Lesson 7

Half of Daniel was written in __
A text cannot mean what it never __
Exegesis helps discover the __ meaning
A __ is often addressed to God
Hermeneutics seeks the ____ relevance
We must learn how to __ the Bible.
The New Testament was written in __
Most of the Old Testament was written in __
Each Book in theBible has historical __
Who inspired the original intent?
God spoke in human words in __
We must always ask, "What is the __ of every sentence
Scripture has __ relevance.
Scripture instructs us in __
God's word was first of all written to the original __
__ are born from wrong interpretation of the text
Book that defines words
Reading Scripture only in English puts you at the mercy of the __
God chose to speak His Word in many kinds of __
Reading in __ helps determine the true meaning
Understanding The Word in the here and now
All __ is given by inspiration of God
What God's Word meant to them when it was first given
The __ is divinely inspired.