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Chapter 4 Vocabulary: Federalism

System of shared power between a national government and state governments
_ powers belong to the national government and are derived from the "Necessary and Proper" Clause
The passage of this allows a territory to begin the process towards becoming a state.
Concurrent powers belong to _____ the states and the federal government
Type of grant that is designed for a very specific, narrow purpose
Clause in the Constitution that requires states to treaty both their own citizens and those from other states equally
Type of powers that would belong to any sovereign nation, such as the ability to defend its own borders
_ powers are granted specifically to the national government in the Constitution.
Powers that can be exercised by the national government and only the national government
Agreement between states or between states and a foreign nation, given Congressional approval
Type of federal spending where states are given a proportional amount of tax revenue
Basic principle of federalism where government powers are split based on geographic designations
Type of grant that must be used for a very specific project, like the construction of a bridge
Clause in the Constitution requiring states to recognize legal documents from other states
Programs that distribute federal money to states and local governments
_ powers are listed directly in the Constitution and are also know as enumerated powers.
The passage of this formally makes a territory into an official state.
Requirement that states send accused criminals back to the states where crimes were committed
_ powers belong to the states according to the 10th Amendment
Type of grant that can be used for a very broad purpose