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Old Testament 1119

The Weeping Prophet
Contemporary with Ezekial
The god of vegetation and fertility
He did not understand what Hezekiah had done
Isaiah 53 describes this
Saying "Peace" when there is none gives this kind of security
The theme of Isaiah
The Son of David is given this name
The vision of the Dry bones is found in this book
This birth was described in Isaiah 7
Sin used to describe God's people gong into worldliness
Poetic Book written by Jeremiah
Lamentations has 4 chapters with this number of verses in each
The year he died, Isaiah saw the LORD
Known because if his testimony for the LORD
A major prophet who preached after Isaiah
The year this King died, Isaiah saw the LORD
God's mercies are new every .....
Plowed but not planted
The name of this thing is "the LORD is there"