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Belief that people are basically good and are capable of helping themselves
See a number of similar objects, tend to perceive them into groups
Factor the experimenter changes
Behavior based on the rules and expectations of specific groups or cultures
Difference between 2 scores
Happens 25% of the time while we are sleeping
Studying subjects without them being aware they're being watched
During sleep, Broken into 4 stages
Similar and dissimilar objects are mangled, we see similar objects as groups
See the simplest shapes possible
Inability to see an object or a person in our midst
Caused by damage to mechanical system that conducts sound waves to cochlea
Theory on dreams, purely physiological, brain tried to make sense of messages
Factor that changes because of independent varaible
Behavior based on nervous system functions and biology
Perception about objects change from moment to moment
Father of psychology
Lengthy detailed information over a person usually for psychological reason
See continuous shapes
Study of relationship
Studies same group over a period of time