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6th Grade CH 2 Test Review Sheet

The worship of many gods
The Tigris and the Euphrates provided fertile _____ for farming.
Three of the Sumerian architectural features were domes, columns, and _______.
A long poem that tells the story of a hero
Asia Minor is a peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea and the __________Sea.
King of the Amorites who collected 282 laws
Amorite civilization
Skilled craftsman
Turned away from evil ways after Jonah preached repentance and received God's mercy
The Fertile Crescent was a curved area from the Mediterranean Sea and the _____________Gulf.
Invention that improved transportation and pottery making
A way of supplying water to land or crops
A city and surrounding land and villages that it controlled
Received God's judgment and became like a beast of the field
The Bible tells us that ______________ existed before the Flood.
The first empire
A type of altar in a Sumerian house.
Improved record keeping and made literature possible
The Sumerian farmers produced a food ____________ which made job specialization possible.
Emperor of the Akkadian Empire