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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Cells & Cell Theory

What is the fuel that cells use? (Fancy word for sugar)
Part of a cell where things like waste and water are stored.
Part of a plant cell that converts the sun's energy to fuel
​The part of the cell that creates energy
​Cells that make up the small intestine
Any structure inside the cell that supports the function of the cell.
What is the total of toes and fingers Mr. Allen has?
​The command center of the cell, contains genetic information. (DNA)
Even __________ asked questions. (Look around)
Plant cells have _____ vacuoles.
​Cells that make up the brain
Last name of the scientist who named "Cells"
​Cells without a nucleus, usually single celled organisms
Animal cells have ______ vacuoles.
What president is hanging from Mr. Allen's wall?
​The outside barrier of the cell, lets nutrients in and waste out of the cell
Jelly-like substance that surrounds the organelles of a cell
Cells that contain a nucleus are called ____________ cells.
What grade are you in?
According to Cell Theory, Cells are the basic ____ of life.
Found in a plant cell, gives additional structure to the cell!