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Sorts, modifies and packages materials created in the cell for transport
Short, numerous, hair like projections
Clear gel like substance that fills space between organelles
Converts sugars to energy for the cell
Gives plants green pigment
Site of cellular chemical reactions with ribosomes
Double-layer membrane surrounding the nuleus
Helps capture sunlight to produce food for plants
Round structure within nucleus; makes ribosomes
Small organelle that stores food, water, and pigments
Site of cellular chemical reaction that makes lipids
Makes proteins
Use enzymes to breakdown food, bacteria, and viruses
Rigid outer laye; outside of cell membrane
Store a variety of things: smaller in animal cells and larger in plant cells
Cellular framework found within the cytoplasm that helps with support
Barrier between cell and its environment
Long thread-like extension of a cell
Involved in food storage; depends on pigments
Contains genetic info (DNA)