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This long deep type of root is found in dicots
These pines can live over 4,500 years. They grow in the Sierra Nevada of California
The stalk that joins leaf to stem
Chamber that surrounds and protects one or more ovules
A plant that lives for a number of years
These are flowering plants
A plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season
Where water absorption occurs
Growth of a tree trunk outward
Dead phloem becomes _______
Large organelle in plant cells, holds water, keeps cell rigid
This type of shallow root is more common in monocots
The movement of water and minerals up a plant is called ______________
Part of the vascular system that carries water
These plants are vascular, but do not form seeds
A group of organisms that are transitional between algae and plants
Non vascular plants
The flowering plants that have 2 seed leaves
Pore through which gas exchange occurs
A ripened ovary that contains seeds
Female part of the plant, pollen lands here
The male gamete produced by seed plants
a structure at the top of the stamen where pollen is produced
Grass pollen is spread by _______
The seeds of plants in this group are high in protein
Site of phytosynthesis
Dead xyllem becomes _________
Filament and anther together form the _______
Plants are _________
Open channels in plant cell walls
These plants have seeds, but not true flowers
A carbohydrate found in plant cell walls
Flower parts in monocots are usually in multiples of this number
Leaf veins of dicots are usually ________ or netted
Stalk between stigma and ovary
The flowering plants that have one seed leaf.
Upward growth
Contain a plant embryo and food for it
Part of the vascular system that moves sugars
This plant part anchors the plant and may store carbohydrates
The seed of a grass