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Ch. 5 and 7 - the Gilded Age

Those who believed older immigrants were superior to the "new" immigrants
From Eastern and Southern Europe in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Designer of various city parks, including Central Park
The act of people leaving rural areas for city life
News paper businessman, he would publish the World
The mixing of various nationalities into a uniquely American society
Where Europeans entered US
Journalist magnate, he published the Journal, and would use yellow journalism to get the US into the Spanish/American war
Fought for the farmers, founded the Grange
Wrote stories highlighting characters of poor beginnings who strike it rich by working hard
Last name of the woman who led the fight for women's suffrage
Ran for president, often called "The Great Compromiser"
Afri-Am journalist, she protested Jim Crow laws
Group-think mentality manifested in people buying the same things, dressing alike, and even thinking much alike
Low cost urban apartments, often dank and crime-ridden