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Psychology Chapter 1-3 6-8

Clive Wearing
Brain Spinal cord
helps the body return to the normal resting state
all knowledge is acquired through experience
Act of consciously or intentionally retrieving past experiences
Memories that last
scientific study of how perception, thought, memory, and reasoning are processed
Writes first psychology textbook
High levels linked to schizophrenia, low levels linked to Parkinson’s Disease
threat detector
Gradual elimination of a learned response
Ability to store and retrieve information over time
certain kinds of knowledge are inborn or innate
Changing one’s emotional experience
scientific study of links between biological and psychological processes
The branch of biology
Affects mood, hunger, sleep arousal
Experience that results in a relatively permanent change
study of behavior and mental processes
Your teachers favorite
Maslow level 1
Cell body Dendrites Axon
Expressed Positive or negative experience
Storage that holds non-sensory information for more than a few seconds