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Spelling Wk#6

Spelling Wk#6
How ___ will it cost?
“Because, I ___ so.”
It’s for our ___ that we loook both ways before we cross the street.
At Halloween, we can dress up to ___ we are someone else.
I can come out to play, in ___ a minute.
We go out to ‘Trick or Treat’ on this day/night.
Mrs. Rosine isn’t a boy, she’s a ___?
Tthis is a type of person that we don’t often see.
We eat theses, they come from chickens.
A.J. Charbonneau, we go to school ___.
We call a 5 cent coin this.
We dress up in one at Halloween.
We eat ___ we are hungry.
We have many of these in our class, and even more in our whole school.
We like to play with this type of person.
There are no kids playing outside, ___ went inside because it is raining.