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Cell Crossword

An organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system
Stores the cell's genetic material and controls the cell's growth and reproduction
A system of membranes near the nucleus
A unit that has a specific function
A fluid-filled vesicle found in the cytoplasm cells or protozoans
A type of cell that has a nucleus and a membrane
A living object
An organelle that surrounds the cell to protect the cell
A system of organs
The building blocks of life
Organelles that break down worn out or damaged organelles , waste materials, and foreign invaders in the cell
Breaks down food molecules to release energy by cellular respiration
The smallest unit of a substance
A group of cells
The organelle that makes protein
Is the arrangement of parts in an organism or object
The role or activity of each part of an organism
Made from a tissues
An organism that has one cell
Is a network of protein filaments that give shape and supports the cell
Plants have these organelles to make their own food
A type of cell that has no nucleus, a membrane, and they are always unicellular
An organelle that is 80% water and helps maintain the shape of the cell
A substance made entirely out of one type of atom
The genetic material in a cell