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A Christmas Carol Puzzle

Author of A Christmas Carol.
The Ghost of Christmas _____ wears a dark green robe with white fur and is a jolly spirit.
_____ Twist and Great Expectations are two novels for which Charles Dickens is also famous.
The main theme of A Christmas Carol is _____.
Tiny _____ is the youngest child of Bob Cratchit who needs proper medical care.
Scrooge's clerk.
Dickens divided his story into five _____ instead of chapters.
Scrooge's sister
The Ghost of Christmas _____ is strangely childlike and old at the same time; has long, white hair.
A Christmas Carol was published on _____ 19, 1843.
Scrooge's jovial employer when Scrooge was a young apprentice.
Scrooge's former fiancée.
Scrooge is offered a chance to confront _____ directly and emerges from that experience a changed man.
Scrooge's nephew.
Charles Dickens was known as England's most famous and best-loved ____.
A short novel.
Protagonist who changes dramatically through his experiences with the ghosts that visit him.
Scrooge's former business partner.
The Ghost of Christmas _____ to Come is ominously silent and draped in black, and he points in the direction he will take Scrooge.
This story takes place in Victorian England on December 24 and 25.